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Wakelyns SpringAgro-Forestry combines arable farming and trees (silvo-arable) and grazing with trees (silvo-pastoral) for beneficial effect. These systems can yield 20 - 30% more than either farming or forestry separately. It is one way of fitting trees in alongside conventional farming whilst bringing the benefits of shelter and additional crops of fuel or food. There are several innovative projects in Britain:

  • Wakelyns Farm near Diss in Suffolk is an elegant trial of alley-cropping using hazel, willow or individual timber trees in strips with arable between.
  • The Agroforestry Research Trust run by Martin Crawford in Devon showcases both the beautiful Forest Garden and also several acres of nut tree trials. Unbelievably big and tasty walnuts and sweet chestnut! ART runs excellent courses showing the benefits at first hand.
  • The Organic Research Centre at Elm Farm, Oxfordshire, run the Eco-Agroforestry Network

TfT Services

  • Advice on tree planting for agro-forestry
  • Advice on nut planting
  • Forest Garden Design and plant